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24.11.2018 17.00VK Prostějov - Ostrava
29.11.2018 16.00Levski Sofia - VK Prostějov
01.12.2018 17.00Olymp Praha - VK Prostějov
05.12.2018 17.00VK Prostějov - Levski Sofia
08.12.2018 17.00VK Prostějov - Frýdek-Místek
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1VK UP Olomouc9810027:6788:59326
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3VK Prostějov9432025:14857:77420
4Volejbal Brno8401317:13672:63613
5VK Královo Pole9401417:16723:74713
6PVK Olymp Praha8221315:17681:67111
7TJ Sokol Frýdek - Místek9301514:19664:76610
8Volejbal Přerov9210612:21698:7258
9TJ Ostrava910269:24677:7755
10TJ Sokol Šternberk901175:26546:7373
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The other new player is from Germany too, it is Laura Weihenmaier, a twenty-five year old outside-spiker
04.07.2016 | The roster of AGEL Prostejov for the upcoming 2016/17 season is taking shape: just one week after making public the first new name (Mareike Hindriksen), the club's management announced the name of the second newcomer who also comes from Ger...
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Preparation for the new season starts on 1 August

30.06.2016 | Time is running like crazy, I cannot catch it and neither can you. As the preparation for the new season is right around the corner, our ladies must be singing to themselves this famous song by Karel Gott, the king of Czech pop music (if they know the song of course). The training of AGEL Prostejov is set to start in only one month.

New player announced: German-born setter Mareike Hindriksen!

27.06.2016 | The first setter of AGEL Prostejov for the upcoming 2016/17 season is from Germany again. The Prostejov A-team had to say good-bye to Kathleen Weiss after their last season, but now there is another excellent setter coming from Germany: Mareike Hindriksen!

Petr Chytil, the boss of AGEL Prostejov, looks back at the season: This time we did not make it to Playoffs 12 in the Champions League but we did really great in the Czech competitions

25.06.2016 | It was quite clear already before the start of the new season that it would be extremely difficult to repeat the extraordinary success of the previous year. "We set our sights too high by advancing to Playoffs 12 in the 2015 Champions League. That season was really sensational and it was actually impossible to do any better. But I think we played very good Volleyball this year as well, we confirmed that we are still good enough to keep pace with some of the European top teams," said Petr Chytil, the Chairman of the Management Board of AGEL Prostejov, thinking positively. You can read about Chytil's views in the following traditional post season interview.

No changes in Extraliga rules: there are still the same nine clubs and the same playing system

24.06.2016 | No major changes are planned for the 2016/17 edition of the Czech UNIQA Extraliga - Women, the finest national Volleyball competition. This decision was made at the recent meeting of the Association of Volleyball Teams and Clubs (AVOK) led by its chairman Peter Goga, who is the sports manager and now also the head coach of AGEL Prostejov.

We have a new head coach: Miroslav Cada has been replaced by Peter Goga! And Solange Soares is now our new physical preparation coach!

20.06.2016 | Miroslav Cada spent eight long years with AGEL Prostejov working as the head coach. During this period his team won twenty-one trophies (8x Czech Extraliga, 8x Czech Cup, 4x Czech-Slovak Cup, 1x Middle European League). However, Miroslav Cada is not going to celebrate any more achievements with our ladies because, as agreed with the management, he decided to end his career as a coach. His successor is Peter Goga who is also the sports manager of this best Czech club.

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